At InnoSer, we offer several readouts to assess the disease progression and the efficacy of novel targeted polycystic kidney disease (PKD) compounds. However, we understand that it remains a significant challenge to access crucial readouts that are recognized by preclinical and clinical scientists. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is one such readout that is of high translational relevance.  

Our nephrology experts have recently validated a non-invasive technique that enables longitudinal data collection of kidney function – transdermal GFR measurement. Transdermal GFR measurement represents a more sensitive and accurate measure of kidney function compared to the traditional measures relying on multiple collection timepoints of urine and/or blood.  

As seen below, we determined the GFR in our P18 PKD mouse model (healthy control group vs PKD group) at different time points using a non-invasive transdermal mini GFR monitor.  

As shown in the figure above, over time, we observe a significant decrease in the GFR of the PKD group in comparison to the healthy control group (post-natal day [PND] 81 PKD group vs PND115 PKD group *P=0.0096; PND102 PKD group vs PND115 PKD group **P=0.0172; PND115 healthy vs PND115 PKD group ***P=0.0016; M±SEM; dots represent individual animals), confirming the loss of renal function in PKD mice and the suitability of this method in efficacy studies.  

All efficacy studies can be complemented with histopathology readouts. As seen in the H&E-stained kidney slides above, our P18 ADPKD model shows synchronized formation of multiple, smaller cysts throughout the whole kidney region, which can be reduced following treatment.  

InnoSer’s nephrology team is equally open to performing co-validation studies on non-PKD models, such as IgA Nephropathy, ANCA Glomerulonephritis, Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis and Lupus Nephritis.  

To help you fine-tune your lead compound’s bioavailability, InnoSer has ample experience in carrying out PK/PD studies and analyses. To ensure your compound’s safety, InnoSer can additionally perform safety pharmacology analyses.

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