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InnoSer is proud of its team of distinguished professionals with extensive experience in both the academic and commercial life science environment. Our team is passionate about providing tailored services to support investigators in all in vitro and in vivo research.

Our Management Team

Jan Bartels

Jan Bartels

Chief Executive Officer

Jan has a business administration background and started his career as a professional officer in the Dutch Royal Army. This is where the foundation was laid for, among other things, team building, communication, and goal-oriented work. After 10 years of military service, he switched to business and found his passion in international work and commerce. In 2001 Jan started as general manager at Harlan in the Netherlands. In his more than 10 years at Harlan, he grew to Managing Director Northern Europe. Harlan was acquired by private equity in 2015 and Jan has gained extensive experience in branch consolidations that have led to higher customer satisfaction and profitability.

In 2013, Jan founded InnoSer and expanded it with a strong team into the customer-oriented CRO it is today with offices in Leiden and Diepenbeek, providing a global service. Due to the strong market demand for (pre)clinical pathology, Connected-Pathology BV was also established in 2021.

Mareen Bartels

Mareen Bartels

Chief Financial Officer

Mareen’s passion for numbers started at an early age, but instead of going to a technical university, She pursued an education as a physiotherapist. Her journey from working as a physiotherapist in Switzerland to a sales rep in the medical device area and a marketing executive in industrial sterilization services was embedded in an Msc. in business administration specializing in marketing strategy.

When starting InnoSer her interest in continuous learning found another challenge in mastering corporate finance. In this role, She capitalized on her experience in commercial roles whilst taking into consideration the interests of all stakeholders. This enables her to see the customer’s perspective on the financial aspect of the business and secure sustainable funding to support our growth.

Mareen thrives in the culture of flexibility and pro activity at InnoSer, as it makes it a vibrant company to work with and work for.

Kris Motmans

Kris Motmans

Chief Business Officer

Kris has a PhD in Medical Sciences from Hasselt University and holds a Masters degree in chemistry from Ghent University. Kris has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences and financial sector. He started his scientific career as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Longwood Medical Research Center, Harvard Medical School and Head of oncology research at Hasselt University. Kris gained industry experience as patent and licensing manager at Johnson & Johnson and expanded his expertise in the financial sector as equity analyst and fund manager for Puilaetco Bankers.

As an independent corporate development advisor he held several advisory, management and director mandates in private and public biomedical companies including Beta-Cell, Apitope, SEPS Pharma, TiGenix, Laboratoria Smeets and Promethera.

He has also been acting as sector specialist for a number of investment boutiques and venture capital firms such as Puilaetco Bankers, Bryan Garnier, Kepler Equities, LRM and Oyster Venture Partners, where he was involved in the identification, execution and follow-up of private and public financing transactions.

Robbert Otten

Robbert Otten

Chief Operating Officer

After studying Business Administration and Logistics Management, Robbert started his career as a process controller in the irradiation industry. Moving to the life science industry in 2004, Robbert initially worked for Harlan Laboratories and Envigo, where he held various positions. From 2017 onwards he was Manager of Operations responsible for the European production sites of research models. In April 2021 he joined the InnoSer team as COO. His special interest lies in the field of people-oriented management, collaboration, and setting up structured and efficient work processes. His ultimate goal is to make a difference for our customers.

Maarten Loos, PhD

Managing Director of InnoSer Nederland

Maarten obtained his Master’s degree in Bioprocess Engineering at Wageningen University and a PhD degree in behavioural and molecular Neuroscience at the VU University Amsterdam. Hereafter he joined the company Sylics. As CSO, Maarten directed Sylics’ R&D team in the establishment of mouse models of CNS diseases and a suite of bioinformatics services, including cloud-based AHCODATM data analyses. He authored on >60 peer reviewed publications, and has a broad network in academia and pharma/biotech industry. In 2018 Maarten became the CEO of the Sylics, until its merge with InnoSer laboratories in 2023. Maarten contributes more than 15 years of experience in high quality preclinical in vivo neuroscience studies.

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