Target Validation

We offer multi-validation solutions for preclinical targets across numerous therapeutic fields 

Target validation evaluates the druggability of an identified target. It does this by assessing key biological features of a target to estimate whether an investigational drug is likely to elicit a therapeutic benefit within an acceptable safety window. Having a well-researched target reduces the risk of failure during the later stages of development. 

Several important features will determine whether a target is druggable. This includes a target’s regular function in maintaining cell physiology, its involvement and modulation in disease pathophysiology, as well as its localization and distribution across tissues or cells.  

Ultimately, target validation provides researchers with a biologically sound, and clinically relevant, rationale that warrants further investigation and investment. Through our integrated program, InnoSer scientists continuously relay insights towards the later stages of drug development. This helps to minimize risks and to have the most seamless and efficient experience possible. 

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Our Approach

We provide (custom) assay development, execution, analysis and reporting.

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Our study directors offer support in selecting the most adequate and effective methods to be used during target validation via a multi-validation approach for confidence moving forward with your observed outcomes. Furthermore, they can advise on the most suitable preclinical research models in-vitro and in-vivo helping you to seamlessly progress through all stages of discovery and preclinical research. 

If needed, we can source and validate your specific required research models at our facilities. Having established close connections to many (academic) hospitals and academic research groups in the Benelux, we can source primary patient materials on demand for made-to-measure, co-development projects. 

These methods are important to help provide trust in your compounds throughout the development process. With InnoSer’s combination of readout possibilities and expertise we allow drug developers to build an insightful dossier and mitigate development risks early on. 

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Our Capabilities

InnoSer can support in-silico appraisal of potential targets by using historical data on the various biological pathways, their role in disease and previous attempts to modulate them for therapeutic benefit 

Pharmacometrics tools can help assess the feasibility of targets and drugs. By integrating data from various pharmaceutical databases we can help to extrapolate pharmacokinetic profiles of prospective approaches across in-vitro and in-vivo situations (IVIVE). 

InnoSer can co-validate your target in relevant biological contexts. 

Through our access to primary clinical samples from our clinical network, we can help you to investigate your target in healthy and diseased clinical subjects. In addition, we support you in validating and selecting the most suitable preclinical disease models that provide excellent translatability of pathophysiology. 

Target validation models 

  • Cell lines of health and disease 
  • Transgenic lines 
  • Primary cell material of health and disease 
  • Ex vivo models of health and disease 
  • In vivo models 
  • Custom model development


  • In silico modelling 
  • Gene and protein expression 
  • Histopathology 
  • Blood biomarker analysis 
  • Immune cell profiling via flow cytometry 
  • High content cellular imaging 
  • Ex vivo imaging 
  • Multi-immune fluorescence 
  • Biomarker identification and validation 
  • Multiplex assays (Meso-Scale Discovery) 

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