Facility Management

We have specialized facilities for in-vitro and in-vivo offerings.

InnoSer facilitates scientific biomedical research in a professional, efficient and responsible manner.

InnoSer is dedicated in facilitating your biomedical research in order to improve quality, accelerate your research program and reduce your costs. Most importantly, InnoSer promises professional, friendly and prompt service to all biomedical companies.


Leiden in vivo and in vitro facilities


With the InnoSer facilities in Leiden, in the heart of Leiden Bioscience Park, you can conduct your preclinical studies in a state-of-the-art facility including all key equipment. Through centralisation of the key services, InnoSer seeks to maximize usage of key scientific facilities, equipment as well as support services. The Leiden facility is equipped with secured access, surgical suits and operated by highly experienced staff. This centralization brings convenience and savings to our customers executing preclinical in-vivo and in-vitro studies.

InnoSer Laboratories offers early research and proof-of-principle pharmacology studies in relevant animal models of human diseases to assist your efficacy evaluations. Our scientific team has extensive experience helping clients with the selection of appropriate models and assays, as well as collaboration in designing new models to meet the specific needs of a particular compound or discovery program.


Diepenbeek in vitro facilities


InnoSer expanded its infrastructure in 2019 to better its in-vitro services. These specialized services include syngeneic oncology models, PBMC and immune population work in-vitro/ex-vivo, organoid culture, PDX passage work and any in-vitro compound screening on fresh tissue from the clinic, cell lines or organoids.

We offer different analysis methods including viability assays, cell proliferation assays, cytokine multiplex, ELISA, and Flow cytometric analyses. We will also have 2 full time research technicians working on the in-vitro activities under the guidance of a study director, who is in direct contact with our clients.

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