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InnoSer offers integrated oncology CRO services portfolio spanning from in vitro to in vivo research services. Our experts facilitate a collaborative approach ensuring we accelerate your drug development process using in-depth knowledge of the models in our portfolio to provide reliable experimental data.  

InnoSer’s oncology expert team possesses relevant experience to work with multiple oncology therapy types ranging from novel delivery methods, oncology vaccines, immuno-oncology targets, combination therapy, small molecules, biologics to cell and gene therapy approaches. Complemented by our drug development service offering (such as target validation, biomarker identification and validation, as well as PK/PD profiling), InnoSer team works with you to accelerate your drug development at every stage.  

Oncology Model Options

Immuno-Oncology in vitro Assays

InnoSer offers oncology CRO services using cancer-associated tumor and microenvironment-associated cell lines (human and rodent).

Syngeneic Mouse Models

InnoSer offers contract research services using subcutaneous and orthotopic syngeneic mouse models.

Cell line-derived Xenograft (CDX) Mouse Models

CDX models represent one of the first steps to evaluate the efficacy using in vivo models of human cancer.

Patient-derived organoids (tumoroids)

Access InnoSer’s high-throughput drug screening capabilities. 

Patient-derived Xenograft (PDX) Mouse Models

Recapitulate the tumor and patient heterogeneity using patient-derived xenograft (PDX) mouse models.

Humanized Mouse Models for Immuno-Oncology Research

Humanized mouse models represent one of the most translationally relevant immuno-oncology tools.

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Oncology research with InnoSer

marking of tumor growth using BLI for drug development studies

Powered by imaging capabilities

In vivo imaging (bioluminescence imaging and/or ultrasound) is a valuable tool for collecting mid-study data in animal studies. These non-invasive methods can be applied with high sensitivity and in real-time. With InnoSer’s imaging capabilities, you can now track tumorigenicity, tumor progression, metastasis, tumor volume and quantify your immune cell populations. Read more >>

Histopathology stainings for reclinical cancer research studies testing toxicity of drugs in development

Smart pathological assessment

Enhance the translation value of your cancer research with a histopathological assessment of clinically relevant biomarkers. We can provide insights into the tumor microenvironment, inflammation, and fibrosis thanks to our in-house vetererinary and clinical pathologists. Supported by digital workflows for efficient and accurate results our histopathology services will see your research enhanced through technology. Read more >>

in vivo oncology model being used for preclinical immuno-oncology research

Fast study initiation with timely and insightful updates

Tumor models are quickly set up upon agreement with our dedicated oncology study team. Timely updates enable you to closely follow the progression of your project. Supported by close communication channels to our experts that help inform and guide your research, we can consult on relevant endpoint analysis and help guide and inform your research with our niche expertise. 

The people behind the models

Céline Erens, Oncology Study Director

An expert team led by our immuno-oncology study director, Céline Erens helps you choose the right tools and set up optimal study designs. Curating the preclinical testing of your lead compounds with a deep understanding of the field is your solution to accelerating your drug development.

Oncology board members

Prof. Dr. Esther Wolfs

A member of InnoSer’s Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Wolfs is a leading researcher in stem cell therapy. Currently a professor at the University of Hasselt, Ester uses stem cells in anticancer therapy and as a model to study Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A.


Marije Slingerland

MD, PhD Marije Slingerland

A member of InnoSer’s Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Slingerland from Leiden University Medical Center focuses on clinical trials in gastrointestinal cancer and in head and neck cancer, particularly on intratumoral immune parameters.


AAALAC Accreditation

InnoSer has earned the AAALAC accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to responsible animal care and use. AAALAC International is a nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. Our accreditation is valid for three years, incl. 2023. Read more about the AAALAC accreditation programme here.


Animal Welfare

The 3Rs impact everything from policy and regulatory change to the development and uptake of new technologies and approaches. This is why Innoser has ongoing commitment and monitoring of these processes. The steps we practice maximize our ability to replace, reduce and refine animal involvement and facilitate our commitment to these principles when it comes to research and drug development.

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