Molecular and morphological analysis of your preclinical samples.

Pathological assessment of samples from cell cultures to organoids and to animal models is a critical step of preclinical drug development. Effective assessments of toxicology and efficacy of compounds support their development towards treating human diseases. InnoSer offers pathology services via a close partnership with its sister company Connected-Pathology.


Pathology driven by smart technologies

Your samples are processed with the latest technologies for specimen selection and qualification, embedding, slide preparation and a broad catalogue of highly standardized chemical or immuno chemical staining for bright field or fluorescent evaluation. AI driven and automated workflows ensure fast, cost effective, and easy to scale up solutions. Combining expert pathology knowledge with smart algorithms for features like object detection and cell counting, you receive evaluations that are both meaningful and quantitative.


A “full suite” of pathology solutions

A variety of pathological assessment methods can be brought together and customized for your project needs. From traditional staining methods for gross examination of tissues to state-of-the-art NGS and mass spectrometry for molecular and cellular analyses, we offer interdisciplinary approaches to answer your preclinical questions. These include:

  • Conventional histology: H&E, Sirius Red
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Cytology & molecular pathology
  • Toleration, safety, efficacy, toxicology
  • Digital pathology and quantitative analysis
  • Automated track and trace of samples
  • Long term cloud storage of raw data


Please get in touch with us and let’s dicuss which methods will be valuable for moving your compounds further in the preclincal development process.

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