Commitment to 3R’s

InnoSer’s commitment to alternatives to animal testing

3R’s: Replacement, Reduction, Refinement

In vivo testing has been a valuable part of drug development and of the global fight against countless diseases. Now, thanks to innovative technologies, we are able to facilitate alternatives to animal experimentation and offer human specific preclinical research. At InnoSer, we also constantly re-evaluate and improve our protocols, ensure strict adherence to them, and remain transparent in our communication about these methods.

In vitro models as alternatives

InnoSer strongly invests in a service portfolio of in vitro assays based on organoids and organ-on-chip technology (currently for Alzhemier’s and cardiovascular diseases). These reliable preclinical screening models not only promise the highest translation to clinical studies, but also reduce the number of animals needed.

Efficient colony management

InnoSer’s quality standards ensure efficient breeding of genetically altered rodents and facilitates the exchange of animals between institutes without the need for rederivation, both contributing to the reduction in number of animals. We also provide cryopreservation of rodent lines to decrease the need of rebreeding.

In vivo imaging for early decision making

Especially in long term studies, in vivo imaging proves to be extremely valuable in early determination of compound effectiveness. For example, in some of our oncology or PKD models, we can acquire mid-study data by non-invasive and real-time imaging. Based on the data we can focus only on a subset of lead compounds. This not only helps us refine animal use, but also manage our customer’s budget efficiently by cutting unnecessary costs.

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