Hit to Lead

We move your identified hits forward into in vivo testing and lead optimization 

As a critical phase in your drug development journey, the hit to lead phase will determine which of your promising compounds will be characterized against your targets. With a lean ethos, InnoSer is dedicated to combining our expertise with your drug development goals in the most resource efficient way. During this phase of development, different analogues of your hit will be screened for the safest and most potent candidates to move through to optimization.

Our team is well-coordinated in providing a streamlined hit to lead transition while working closely with you on a meaningful and dedicated screening system to allow for efficient hit expansion. InnoSer provides robust and unbiased experimental design, methodology, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of results to support your journey into the Lead Optimization phase. 

Our Approach

We support your needs with customized solutions

Leveraging advancements in biotechnology we can harness in vitro and in vivo methods to support the development of new potential drug candidates. We support you with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced scientific expertise to make a difference and accelerate your drug development research.  

Our collaborative approach ensures that you see your hit compound’s properties improve to fulfill the necessary criteria moving into the Lead Optimization phase. Using multi-parametric methods we assess potency, selectivity, pharmacokinetic and physical properties enabling you to channel your resources into compounds that show promising signs of more uniform characteristics.

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Our Capabilities

We offer many of these studies, with increasing sample sizes, all the way from early research leading to informed and translatable late preclinical research. 

We offer hit to lead development in a range of therapeutic fields and molecular entities using flexible and customizable hit to lead development steps. InnoSer provides functional assays, cell models, and in vivo methods to gain a robust overview of the strengths and optimization requirements of the investigational drug.  

Our in-house expertise lies in immuno-oncology, cardio-metabolic, neurology, and nephrology. However, our established network of connections provides our clients with proactive, timely, and comprehensive services to reach therapeutic success in a range of therapeutic areas. 

By providing a fully integrated solution, your project’s needs drive the services we provide and may feature one or more of the following services: 

In vitro pharmacology 

  • General efficacy 
  • Cell migration assay 
  • Tumor invasion assay 
  • Chemotaxis 
  • Angiogenesis assay 
  • Cellular phosphorylation 
  • Cell cycle assay (FACS) 
  • Endocrine disruption 
  • Dose finding in in-vitro disease models 
    • IC50, EC50 and AUC 
    • Medium Throughput 

In vitro ADME

  • Solubility 
  • Permeability 
  • Hepatic Microsome Stability 
  • CYP450 Inhibition Profiling 
  • Plasma Stability  
  • Plasma Protein Binding 
  • Cytotoxicity 
  • Biocompatibility & Skin Sensitization 
  • Genotoxicity 
  • Nephrotoxicity 
  • Hepatotoxicity 


  • Proof-of-Concept Studies 
  • Preliminary dose range finding (MTD) 


  • Single Dose Toxicity 
  • Repeated Dose Toxicity 
  • Toxicokinetics 




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