Mouse Models

We have engineered unique strains with specific mutations.

In Vivo Models


  • CDX platform
  • PDX models
  • Syngeneic tumor models
  • Orthotopic models
  • Metastatic models

Cardio-metabolic diseases

  • Myocardial infarction models
  • Transversal aortic constriction
  • Osmotic angiotensin II
  • HFpEF model
  • Diabetic cardiomyopathy


  • Pkd1-cKO mouse model


  • AD mouse models

Medical Device Testing

InnoSer is an outstanding European provider of high standard services for scientific institutes and life science enterprises. Our company and staff are determined to improve the quality of genetically altered (GA) in vivo and in vitro research, securing a safe laboratory environment with strict and transparent (health) conditions. Simultaneously we keep the often tight time lines of the researchers and reduce costs for our valued customers.

Our transgenic services are local, well defined and under standardized conditions. InnoSer focusses entirely on professional support of researchers by field experts, keeping tight schedules and providing flexibility under highly attractive terms. Our protocols are continuously reviewed, tested and amended to include the latest developments and to ensure optimal animal welfare. Procedures are carried out by certified and experienced animal biotechnicians.

Competitive prices
InnoSer offers laboratory services at competitive prices, made possible by both collaboration with partners and economy-of-scale. The business concept is based on the principle that the (intellectual) property of GA animal models and ownership remains with the scientist or scientific institute.

Our operations and infrastructure are compliant with European and national legislation.

You will also benefit from:

  • local and distinctive presence 
  • customized mouse model services with a professional quality 
  • saving grant funds through economy-of-scale 
  • more transparency and flexibility 
  • one research database 
  • reduction of the number of surplus animals 
  • a higher level of standardization and reproducibility.

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