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As an innovative and dynamic contract research organization (CRO) InnoSer supports the preclinical pipeline from its facilities in Belgium and the Netherlands. Founded in 2012, our in-depth expertise allows us to provide customized and streamlined early drug development options with well-characterized and translational research models. Our services are designed with personalized tailoring in mind, supported by innovative technical capabilities and executed in close collaboration with our partners.


Our Focus

We understand that nonclinical research is a complex, lengthy and expensive process that requires knowledge, expertise and a high degree of organization. We also acknowledge that subcontracting this vital part of your business’ success is no small feat. As such, we’re deeply committed to your success.

Our current operations focus within the later stages of drug-discovery and early preclinical stage. With in vitro and in vivo disease models available for nephrology, immuno-oncology, neurology and cardiometabolic research, we guide our clients through the drug development pipeline using a combination of in house expertise and disease specific models. We support our clients in identifying new drugs or applications, characterizing their pharmacological characteristics, and conducting safety and efficacy testing within relevant biological research models. InnoSer enhances these offerings by providing state-of-the-art imaging and digital pathology options, along with facility management and support services including colony management, cryopreservation, and sanitation/rederivation.

We embrace innovation to meet the needs of our partners and the evolving industry. With a focus on proactive problem solving, we have proven ourselves to be a flexible and professional partner in the market. Together we create a smart road to better health.


InnoSer is a global forerunner in supporting the development of novel & patient tailored medicines with the ultimate goal of giving patients faster access to the most efficient treatment.


With the highest standards of customer care, we support & accelerate drug development in oncology, nephrology, cardiometabolic and neurodegenerative diseases by globally supporting scientists, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies in the (pre)clinical chain with highly reliable, well-characterized, in vivo and in vitro disease models, big data and state-of-the-art imaging & histopathology services.





Make a difference.

“Together, we are flexible and eager to make a difference.”

Our Journey

Our People

Now venturing into the scale-up phase of our journey we continue to build on our solid foundation through the wealth of knowledge provided by our uniquely qualified and expanding team.

Whilst broadening our service offerings and personnel, we continue to serve a growing number of companies in flexible and collaborative ways with high-quality service provided by all our team members. Their expertise and proactiveness make overcoming challenges possible and new industry insights the goal.

InnoSer employees are commited to upholding and implementing our core company values ensuring they impact the way we work together and with our clients.

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InnoSer’s commitment to diversity

People are what make a company unique. In order for a company to be at its very best, we believe it must incorporate people from various backgrounds and lived experiences in order to excel. Every day, we seek to make InnoSer a more diverse and inclusive company –– and we promise to keep doing better.

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Join an innovative and proactive team determined to build a smart road to better health

Our Expertise

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