Sanitation And Cryopreservation

We keep pathogens away from your mouse models.



The microbiological status of rodents can have a major impact on the results and reproducibility of experiments. For that reason it is generally accepted to specify the microbiological status of the animals used.

Introduction of animals into a facility, maintenance and breeding of lines and the conduction of animal experiments all demand a specified and standardized health status and strict precautions to prevent introduction of pathogens into a facility. Preimplantation stage embryo transfer is a reliable and well established method to sanitize rodents with an unknown or compromised health status to a defined SPF health status.


Health monitoring program
InnoSer runs a health monitoring program based on the FELASA 2014 recommendations extended with Murine Noro Virus. Upon request the testing panel of infectious agents can be extended and more defined health statuses can be reached and maintained. To derive animals of a specified health status InnoSer offers sanitation service by embryo transfer on your demand and according to your health monitoring program needs.



Mouse models should be conserved by cryopreservation to:

  • protect your valuable mouse lines against physical or microbiological disasters
  • keep them harmless from genetic drift, genetic contamination or an unexpected drop in reproductive capacity
  • reduce the amount of animals needed to maintain a breeding colony.

InnoSer offers a cryopreservation service for freezing and storage of embryos and sperm.


We offer sanitation and cryopreservation services via our partner in Germany.

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