COVID-19 restrictions brought extra challenges to breeding and maintaining colonies within academic facilities. If you are looking for a service provider resilient to today’s vulnerable environment, InnoSer is here to support you. Let’s put your research back on track together and preserve your valuable mouse lines.


Contract breeding

InnoSer offers maintenance and breeding of your genetically altered (GA) mouse models for attractive prices. We provide a service not only under SPF conditions according to FELASA recommendations, but we also tailor them to your needs. With customer defined, isolator reared health statuses, our facility houses both immunocompetent and incompetent mice.



Housing in IVC Racks

Your mice are kept in individually ventilated cages to provide them a high quality environment.

Expert qualifications

All our animal biotechnicians are trained experts in the field, ensuring a safe laboratory environment with strict and transparent health conditions.

Optimized protocols

Our protocols are continuously reviewed, tested and amended to include the latest developments and to ensure optimal animal welfare.


Customization options

All our services are customizable to meet your project goals.

Local presence

With our facilities in The Netherlands and Belgium, we provide you fast and quality services strengthened by excellent customer relations.


3R principles

InnoSer’s operations are based on responsibility, using the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement concept. We are committed to providing efficient and quality breeding services, as well as eliminating the need for rederivation, contributing to reduction and refinement of laboratory animal usage.


Cryopreservation and sanitation

To protect your mouse lines and to reduce the amount of animals needed to maintain a breeding colony, as well as to keep their microbiological statuses under control, we also offer cryopreservation and sanitation services. You can read more about them here.

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