Getting closer to understanding cancer through the adoption of technological advancements is crucial in providing deeper insights for our customers. By building robust and reliable dossiers for promising drug candidates moving into clinical trials, we can help our client’s goal to deliver precision cancer medications to more patients. With the preclinical phase focused on the tumor microenvironment, intracellular activity, and tumor progression within in vivo models, having innovative ways to record these activities will enable accurate results and improve data-driven decisions. 

Through a pay-back scheme organized in collaboration with Limburg’s Kankerfonds, InnoSer has recently acquired two new imagers that will enable deeper insights into our in vitro and in vivo platforms available for preclinical oncology research. The first being the ImageXpress Micro 4, a high-content, live cell imaging solution, and the second is the Lumina III In Vivo Imaging System which allows for bioluminescent imaging (BLI) of in vivo models. 


ImageXpress Micro 4 – 

The addition of this microscope with confocal capabilities will allow for high-resolution results taken from deep within the tissue sample, an innovative technique suitable for much thicker specimens. This improved capability for live-cell imaging is used perfectly in combination with our validated patient-derived organoid models. With the ImageXpress we can perform and measure longitudinal cellular events and intracellular dynamics such as compound penetration, apoptosis, cell proliferation, biodistribution and cell viability with accuracy and automated processes that limit human error.  

sample of tumor for preclinical cancer research
Lumina III In Vivo Imaging System

Lumina III In Vivo Imaging System –  

The BLI equipment proves a critical tool in preclinical oncology research. It is a non-invasive imaging modality that can be used on small animal tumor models after the administration of a particular substrate. With this addition we have been able to provide our customers with improved image acquisition times whilst performing longitudinal monitoring of tumor growth, spread, and response to treatment in pre-clinical cancer models within the same individual, with no requirement to euthanize. This is also well aligned with our 3R principles, which we use as a guide when setting up studies and selecting the most appropriate readouts for our clients. 

By providing researchers with the tools to better understand the interactions between cancerous cells and their environment we hope to accelerate the preclinical development process and increase the translatability of our clients’ results. 

If you are in need of robust and accurate data in the assessment of your compound, partner with InnoSer for customized and reliable solutions to get you closer to clinical trials.

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