We look forward to connecting and learning from other life-science companies at events such as the largest annual Nephrology Congress in Europe, the ERA Congress. Study Director Nephrology Laura Blockken will attend this year’s event, which focuses on recent scientific innovations and important learning features in the clinical field.

InnoSer is invested in supporting the preclinical development of new drugs and therapies for ADPKD (Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease). Laura Blockken is delighted to be discussing the promising effects of direct AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activation with a novel molecule, PXL770, in ADPKD models. Previous research has shown the potential role of reduced AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) signalling in the regulation of cyst growth – a strong scientific basis for PXL770 use in ADPKD. At the ERA congress, the most recent preclinical evidence for AMPK activation with this novel compound, both in vitro (canine and human models) and in vivo (mouse model), will be introduced and presented as a mini-oral at the congress.

An Engineered mouse model for PKD drug development

Within the support provided in drug development, InnoSer offers a unique genetically and phenotypically relevant in vivo ADPKD mouse model. Our validated conditional (Tamoxifen) kidney-specific Pkd1 knockout mouse (Pkd1-cKO) models are currently available to meet your individual requirements and scientific questions. Amongst the model options, P18 and P10 are well characterized in our pipelines, and P40 presents an even closer similarity to clinical phenotypes.

Key Readouts:

  • Body weight (monitored daily)
  • Kidney weight
  • Kidney weight to body weight ratio
  • Urea measurement
  • Histopathology: cystic index and pathological lesions
  • Ultrasound imaging to determine kidney volume

Additional Advantages:

  • Multiple well-established models
  • AAALAC accredited facilities
  • Organ and blood sampling for additional tailored analysis

We are thrilled to be attending this high-quality programme and to get to know other life science enthusiasts – we hope you get in touch with Laura at the ERA congress!

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