Innoser attending AACR. Bringing innovative oncology drug testing platforms

Innoser is putting oncology development at the forefront of our efforts this year. By attending this year’s AACR 2021, we hope to improve our innovative oncology offerings and learn from the best.

This year the American Association for Cancer Research is hosting its annual meeting in April and May. This year will be a virtual event with over 130 scientific sessions available and over 305 attendees.  Major symposia will touch on subjects like the advances in diagnostics and therapeutics and advances in prevention‚ early detection. By attending events like this held by industry leaders, we aim to learn from the best and stay informed on the newest technologies and how we can adopt innovative methods to benefit our own clients. 

Our Oncology Offerings:

InnoSer has several platforms validated or under development for oncology drug screening.

  • Conventional oncology services: toxicology, efficacy, maximum tolerated dose studies, in vivo or in vitro models
  • Glioblastoma organoid platform: developed by our partner Neurix
  • Patient derived xenografts and organoids (PDX/O): international consortium projects (VLAIO grant).
  • In vivo imaging services: Ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging as well as fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging.
  • Pathology services: Conventional and digital pathology experts

For further details on both our current and developing oncology services click here.

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