Although multiple kidney disease models have been described in literature, not all of the models are well-characterized and suitable for preclinical research. To help accelerate the development of new drugs to improve the quality of life of patients living with a variety of kidney diseases, validated and translationally relevant research models of kidney diseases are needed. To ensure that researchers work with such models, the guidance for preclinical animals in translational nephrology has recently been updated and published by Kidney international (Masaomi, et al. 2023), which we have summarized in a figure below.  

In line with the guidance, InnoSer offers a polycystic kidney disease model for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) that is highly translatable to the human disease situation:  

  • Disease development due to knock-out of Pkd1; PKD1 is mutated in 85% of PKD patients 
  • Age-dependent nature of cyst development in the model allows modelling of different patient stages and thus variable patient disease progression stages 
  • Clinically relevant readouts such as transdermal GFR can be carried out in the model 
  • Target validation and engagement readouts can be performed (including histopathology)
  • Positive (Everolimus), negative and standard of care controls (Tolvaptan) are included in each experiment  
  • PK/PD analyses can be performed by us to ensure optimal bioavailability of your test compound 

InnoSer’s expert nephrology team has relevant expertise and validated nephrology readout platform to support other rare kidney disease models such as IgA Nephropathy, ANCA Glomerulonephritis, Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis and Lupus Nephritis.

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