InnoSer at knowledge for growth

[EDIT]: This event is now hold digitally, and we are looking forward to talking to you at one of our virtual meetings. Detailed schedules to be announced soon!

Organized by since it’s establishment in 2004, knowledge for growth brings over 1300 biotech, pharma, medtech, agricultural and chemical industry experts and decision makers, as well as investors, universities, topnotch research institutes, policymakers and competence providers together. It is a 1-day conference where participants meet, discuss, interact, do business via an exciting program. Altogether, the event provides vital insights into the local and global innovative life sciences landscape.

The 16th edition was originally scheduled for 28 May but moved to 10 September due to COVID-19 regulations. It will take place in the beautiful Belgian city of Ghent. With 1310 registered delegates from 612 companies, 115 booths, 530 partnering meetings, 83 speakers, 4 satellite workshops, 50 research posters, and 15 academic showcases, there is most certainly something for everyone in this rich gathering. Thematic sessions will go in depth of different elements of a theme and panel discussions fueled by the stories of entrepreneurs will provide exciting opportunities to form connections. The State of the Union organized one day prior to knowledge for growth also offers an excellent chance for networking.

Talk to InnoSer at knowledge for growth!

InnoSer will be present at booth 107 and will be happy to discuss its in-vitro and in-vivo methods with you. We have a rich portfolio of innovative offerings including organoid and organ-on-a-chip technologies. These offer platforms for drug development with results highly transferable to humans. With our monocyte activation testing services we are also replacing in-vivo methods with in-vitro alternatives that are effective and efficient. We specialize in the therapeutic areas of oncology, neurodegeneration, kidney disease and cardivascular disease. All our services are customizable and offer great opportunities for accelerating drug development and drug screening by state of the art methods.

Please come talk to us at booth 107, and let’s find out whether we can collaborate for bettering your drug development processes.