InnoSer is joining forces with OrganoTherapeutics to make midbrain organoids available for screening and development of pharmaceutical compounds. This partnership will enable providing midbrain organoids commercially as a platform for Parkinson’s disease research.

CEO of InnoSer, Jan Bartels, says: “We already work with organoids for cancer and we are developing brain-on-a-chip for Alzheimer’s disease. By our new partnership with OrganoTherapeutics, we are happy to expand our services on neurodegenerative diseases to cover Parkinson’s disease.”

Dr. Jens Schwamborn, founder of OrganoTherapeutics and a neuroscientist at the University of Luxembourg, adds: “We are convinced that our patient specific midbrain organoids are excellent tools for drug development and neurotoxicology studies, with a focus on Parkinson’s disease. This new partnership allows us to distribute the brain organoids efficiently to customers and thereby accelerate the adaptation of this novel model by the community.”

Midbrain organoids and Parkinson’s disease

Human midbrain organoids, which contain dopaminergic neurons, provide an effective screening platform for Parkinson’s disease (PD). Patient derived organoids carry relevant mutations, and present disease-relevant phenotypes. The platform is fully developed and has already resulted in a number of publications addressing molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease.

About InnoSer

Founded in 2012, InnoSer is an innovative and dynamic contract research organization (CRO) supporting discovery and preclinical development of drugs. It provides quality services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in different therapeutic fields. These include PDXO screening platform for oncology, ADPKD mouse model for nephrology, and validated brain organoid models for Parkinson’s for neurodegenerative diseases. InnoSer’s service portfolio also includes in-vitro pyrogenicity testing and genetically engineered mice model services like colony management, cryopreservation, sanitation/rederivation and pathology.

About OrganoTherapeutics

OrganoTherapeutics is a recent spin-off company from the University of Luxembourg, which uses cutting-edge human-specific mini-brains for the discovery and development of effective drug candidates targeting Parkinson’s disease. Founders Dr. Javier Jarazo and Dr. Jens Schwamborn are both experts in stem cell research and in vitro modeling of Parkinson’s disease. OrganoTherapeutics is devoted to screening novel compounds which can be therapeutic for different patient sub-groups of PD patients.