Press release | Leiden, 25 January 2021

InnoSer and Neurix form a partnership to offer neural organoids for oncology drug development applications

Commercial availability of the in vitro glioblastoma Minibrain organoid platform paves the way for personalized medicine

Belgian headquartered preclinical contract research organization (CRO) InnoSer recently joined forces with the University of Geneva spin-off CRO Neurix. The partnership allows an enhanced delivery of patient-centric and cell-based preclinical drug development services in the oncology field by using the already validated Minibrain organoid platform.

InnoSer’s Managing Director Jan Bartels says: “Our oncology service portfolio already included innovative patient derived models combining organoids and xenografts from many different human tissues such as lung, pancreas and liver. It is our pleasure to add neural organoids to this portfolio by our partnership with Neurix. Together, we will take another step towards providing personalized medicine to patients.”

Dr. Sebastien Mosser, Chief Operating Officer of Neurix, adds: “We aim at being as close as possible to the actual pathophysiology with the co-culture of tumor on our Minibrain organoid. We are happy to partner with InnoSer to include our expertise in a fully integrated neuro-oncology service platform. It will provide relevant assays for the discovery and validation of potent drug compounds.”

Innovative preclinical approaches like Minibrain organoid platform are critical to drug development, as nearly 90% of drug candidates never reach the patient. Drugs that fail at late stages in the development process result in considerably high costs. Transitions from classical 2D models to patient-derived 3D models are investments that benefit both the pharmaceutical companies and the patients in long term.

Particularly regarding glioblastoma, the most common brain cancer type that is highly fatal and currently lacking a curative treatment, InnoSer and Neurix are happy to make the model available for the relevant drug development research.


About InnoSer

Founded in 2012, InnoSer is an innovative and dynamic contract research organization supporting discovery and preclinical development of drugs. InnoSer’s offerings include a proprietary PDX/O screening platform for oncology, a unique ADPKD mouse model for nephrology, and a fully characterized midbrain organoid model for Parkinson’s disease. InnoSer also provides in vivo imaging, pathology and genetically engineered mouse model services including colony management, cryopreservation, and sanitation/rederivation.

About Neurix

Neurix is a disruptive preclinical CRO originating from the University of Geneva. For 9 years, Neurix has one goal in mind: replace animal experimentation in the field of neuroscience by cerebral organoids. With its MiniBrain technology, Neurix provides neuroscience related services in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, neuro-oncology and neuro-inflammation, using a broad range of readout suited for screening of scientific research. Recently additional SARS-CoV-2-related services have been developed for the test of compounds, or monitoring the immune status of covid-patients.


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