Accelerate your preclinical research

InnoSer guides and operates the technical and scientific needs of biotech companies and pharmaceutical developers during the preclinical phase of research. We provide a solid foundation of laboratory services, disease models and expertise.

Preclinical Research Services

We support your needs with customized solutions


Our established scientific experience and customized, collaborative approach make InnoSer the ideal partner for your company to achieve meaningful, high-quality and fast results.

We provide scientific advice in special therapeutic areas and a range of services easily adapted to your needs. With extensive experience in Immuno-oncology, Nephrology, Neurodegenerative disease and Cardio-metabolic diseases, InnoSer is equipped to accelerate your research.

Portfolio at a glance

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Our novel approach impacts research in the following areas

Kidney Disease (PKD)


Neurodegenerative Disease

Cardio-metabolic Disease


Tell Us About Your Work

We always keep close contact with our customers to identify and understand their needs better. All our services can be customized for your project requirements.


Combining In Vivo And In Vitro

By our state-of-the-art methods from organoids to genetically engineered mice, we provide reliability and transferability in your results.

Low success rates of drugs that are able to go from bench to the clinic continue to disappoint not only researchers and pharmaceutical companies but also patients and their families. The resulting expenses affect the costs of all drugs that reach the market.

InnoSer cell culture laboratory

This calls for more stringent criteria at the preclinical phase, ensuring only the drugs that are effective and safe for humans continue to the clinical phases. InnoSer excels in combining in vitro and in vivo disease modelling to offer the most reliable screening platforms.

By developing in-vitro technologies and knowledge that offer higher predictive capacity, we support the transition to a world that relies less on animal testing.


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