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InnoSer offers preclinical expertise in nephrology, immuno-oncology, neurology, and cardio-metabolic study design. Complimented by our facilities and customized services, we’re specialized and committed to delivering results driven pre-clinical projects for drug development.

InnoSer is an innovative, international, contract research organization focused on tailoring project plans that strategically adapt our services to support your specific project needs in drug discovery and preclinical drug development.

We have in-house expertise within the following therapeutic fields and manage an agile and highly skilled team of experts that guide your preclinical research in your area of interest.

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Our expertise involves both in vivo and in vitro modeling within these 4 key areas. Each therapeutic field is guided by a lead study director and experts with niche expertise and decades of experience within their domain.

Our study directors are supported by a team of associates and experienced biotechnicians to execute high quality and reliable results. Our clients have access to reliable and meaningful screening platforms that can be customized towards their specific needs conducted under the guidance of experts.

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We offer state-of-the-art methods and models, and maintain research efforts in collaboration with both academic and industrial partners to ensure our clients are offered a higher reliability in preclinical testing, thereby accelerating their drug research and lowering the attrition rate. Whether you require a global, full-service offering, a standalone service, functional service provision of resources, or consulting, our teams of experts are here to help.

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