Despite the challenging times for the life sciences sector during coronavirus restrictions, we’ve been fortunate enough and well prepared to continue with the development of our PDX/O platform for oncology research.

On a weekly basis we receive patient tumor samples from our partner hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. These samples are immediately processed to create both patient-derived xenografts and patient-derived organoids. They are then characterized on a genetic and transcriptional level and stored in a biobank.

Momentarily, InnoSer is focusing on the collection of lung (small-cell and non-small-cell), liver and pancreas carcinomas which are to be extended to other malignancies, thus offering a broad spectrum of screening solutions.

By combining patient-derived in-vivo and in-vitro models within a single platform, InnoSer strives to increase the predictive value of its preclinical drug-screening offerings as well as offering a solution for personalized medicine.