As the InnoSer team, we are delighted to share the news – as of this week, we have a renewed vision and mission statement, as well as a renewed logo to accompany them. With these changes, we are ready more than ever not only for our continued growth and strong team work, but also for our commitment to use smart science ultimately for the benefit of the patient.

Last year in September, when we met for our previous Team Day in High Tech Campus Eindhoven, we were a team of a little under 40. A lot has happened since then. We have been busy behind the scenes working, reviewing, participating in workshops and interviews to shape our future as InnoSer. We have completed a full company review, honing in on our mission, and projecting our vision for the company’s future. These activities have allowed us to bring a strong foundation to our company that will allow us to evolve and grow. We have welcomed new staff members, streamlined our processes, and solidified what we stand for.

Throughout the process, we identified keywords that encompassed what we were trying to achieve in the biomedical field. We aim to form true partnerships with our customers through proactive and transparent exchanges and delivery of niche expertise. We want to remain curious, to develop and utilize close to patient in vitro and in vivo platforms that enable faster decision making. We understand the importance of collaboration and listening to the needs of our customers, and being able to customize our offerings for the most relevant and reliable results.

InnoSer logo a smart road to better health

When we brought these keywords together, the result was our new slogan: ‘a smart road to better health’. We see the journey to drug development as a road and we help our customers navigate it as efficiently as possible. This may not only mean aiming for higher translatability to the clinics, but also by ending studies early on, avoiding unnecessary investments on unpromising compounds. This smart road can ultimately enable cost effective bringing of medicines to the market, benefiting patients as well.

The previous Friday, we once again gathered at High Tech Campus. This time with a much larger team and with the presence of two sister companies, InnoSer and C-Path. We had a wonderful day full of presentations and COVID-proof team building activities, embracing our renewed mission statement and slogan altogether. Curious about the day outlook? Watch our Team Day video below.

We are looking forward to an exciting journey as a team and as a company.