Throughout modern medicine, animal testing has played a critical role in the development of drugs, vaccines, and surgical techniques. These studies have enabled us to save countless lives and build upon research to ultimately cure patients. Aiming to accelerate the development and use of models and tools that reduce the use of animals in research is something that we at InnoSer support very strongly. We have an ongoing commitment to the 3Rs for maintaining and monitoring the welfare and wellbeing of animal models.


Recognizing the importance of recreating human specific environments for drug development, we strive to find alternatives to model human disease. Adopting organoid and organ-on-chip technology is an important step in utilizing innovative science discoveries to aid in the ultimate replacement of animals in scientific research. InnoSer takes advantage of these innovative breakthroughs which align with its moral framework to strengthen these platforms and improve their accuracy to recreate human-like environments.


Another important factor within the 3Rs approach is the careful assessment of the number of animal models used within a single experiment. We are aiming to allow for the lowest number possible to produce robust and reproducible results. Embracing technologies such as cryopreservation is an example of how we are able to limit the need for new colonies. When it comes to transgenic lines we have implemented a strict set of ethical guidelines that we follow. We understand the importance of utilizing these techniques and applying them when necessary.


Protocols that ensure animal welfare and minimize pain or distress are necessary when using animal models to research human disease. Appropriate housing conditions and environment enriching supports the physical health and normal behavior of animals. These certainly also aid the validity and quality of the results obtained. Alongside these measures, our in-vivo imaging capabilities allow us to detect early on if a compound is effective and warrants further testing using models. This allows us to refine our study design to focus only on promising compounds. InnoSer is committed to providing the highest standards when incorporating laboratory animals into studies and validating compounds. We continuously monitor the well-being of animals and optimize experimental conditions.

Commitment to the 3Rs summary of principles

The 3Rs impact everything from policy and regulatory change to the development and uptake of new technologies and approaches. This is why Innoser has ongoing commitment and monitoring of these processes. The steps we practice maximize our ability to replace, reduce and refine animal involvement and facilitate our commitment to these principles when it comes to research and drug development.

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