Parkinson’s Disease

Midbrain organoid platform for Parkinson’s research.

Human midbrain organoids, which contain dopaminergic neurons, provide an effective screening platform for Parkinson’s disease (PD). Patient derived organoids carry relevant mutations, and present disease-relevant phenotypes. The platform is fully developed and has already resulted in a number of publications addressing molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease.

InnoSer has joined forces with OrganoTherapeutics to make midbrain organoids available for screening and development of pharmaceutical compounds. This partnership enables providing midbrain organoids commercially as a platform for Parkinson’s disease research. OrganoTherapeutics scientists are experts in stem cell research and in vitro modeling of Parkinson’s disease.


javier jarazo

Javier Jarazo, PhD

Co-founder and CSO of OrganoTherapeutics, Dr. Jarazo is an expert in stem cell models, phenotyping screening, and computational data analysis at the University of Luxembourg.

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