InnoSer Midbrain Organoids Webinar

15 October 2020 | 16:00
with OrganoTherapeutics co-founder & CSO Javier Jarazo


A platform for Parkinson’s disease drug development

In-vivo like in-vitro environment

Derived from healthy or patient human cells, midbrain organoids make a 3D drug screening platform for Parkinson’s Disease, providing results that cannot readily be replicated in 2D cultures.

Javier Jarazo


The webinar will include a scientific presentation by Javier Jarazo, co-founder and CSO of our partner company OrganoTherapeutics, which is is a spin-off project from the University of Luxembourg.

Drug development

InnoSer offers midbrain organoid platform as a service for Parkinson’s drug development. With our scientific expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we provide you fast and reliable results.


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