Animal testing has played a critical role in the development of drugs, enabling us to ultimately obtain data which serves as a foundation to be able to deliver safe and effective drugs to patients. We are an AAALAC accredited organization committed to the 3Rs, by reducing the number of animals used, maintaining the well-being of animal models and offering other in vitro alternatives to model disease.

FELASA, the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations, also emphasizes the use of the 3Rs, advocating responsible scientific conduct when using animals. With ‘communication’ as a motto, The FELASA Congress is a great opportunity to share ideas and exchange knowledge in all fields of laboratory animal science.

InnoSer is invested in providing not only the infrastructure and equipment necessary to support you in expanding your research pipeline, but also customized services to fit your scientific needs. For instance, we provide flexible room rental options with access to advanced analysis systems, along with administrative, technical, and scientific support. The IACUC and veterinary assistance within our in vivo preclinical studies can ensure support on animal welfare, breeding and ethical regulatory permission.

Facility Management and Support

Contract Breeding

Colony management services ensure your small rodent colonies are maintained or expanded under reliable and transparent conditions that meet SPF and SOPF standards and animal welfare guidelines. Our team of experts handles the calculations of your study design, takes full control of the preparation and follows through with breeding.

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Genetically engineered models

Cryopreservation and rederivation services protect your mouse lines, reduce the number of animals needed to maintain a breeding colony and keep their microbiological statuses under control.


In vivo disease models

  • PDX, syngeneic, orthotopic tumor models
  • Heart failure (Ang II, MI, TAC)
  • NASH model
  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy
  • AD mouse models
  • Immunization studies

In addition to these flexible support options, we offer other preclinical research offerings such as safety testing, PK/PD/ADME studies and therapeutic efficacy testing. These services can be combined with the room rental options to create an optimal environment to conduct your experiments.

Would you like to hear more about the full scope of our facility management and support services? Then feel free to reach out to our BDM Pascal Simoens at the FELASA congress. In the meantime, you can find an overview of our offerings at See you soon!


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