Cardiovascular Disease

Heart-on-a-chip technology for cardiovascular research.

The global disproportions and socio and economic burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have been a mounting concern in recent decades, with constant calls for action to halt and reverse this global disease. The worldwide rise in the number of patients suffering from CVD not only led to an increase in the demand for an unlimited source of transplantable tissues, but also viable human disease models that will allow for in-depth investigations into disease pathogenesis.

InnoSer is teaming up with several key national and international partners to create a heart-on-a-chip devices by employing cardiac organoids that recapitulate the biology and physiology of the native human heart. Utilizing microengineering strategies allows vascularization of the cardiac organoids with conservation of cardiomyocyte anisotropy.

InnoSer develops state of the art technologies to monitor the behavior and responses of future cardiac organoids including optical and electrophysiological measuring methods. These methods will ultimately be adapted to use as high throughput screening assays to facilitate fast and reliable drug discovery and preclinical drug development for cardiovascular diseases.

Prof. Dr. Leon de Windt

Involved in InnoSer’s Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. de Windt from University Maastricht focuses on cardiac gene regulatory mechanisms by transcription factors and microRNAs that control pathological cardiac remodelling, an early step towards heart failure.

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